Opening Reception

Opening Reception for “Hidden Images” this Saturday!!!

We hope you join us this Saturday, April 23rd for the opening reception of Hidden Images! The opening reception runs from 5pm-8pm. Please celebrate with us and treat yourself to inspiring abstract artwork, enjoy great (catered) food, and have great conversation.

This Saturday we are open as artdc Gallery celebrates their “Realism…Believe!” exhibit (from 6pm-8pm). Not only will there be many folks from artdc Gallery’s crowd but you’ll also be able to see their new exhibit! It’s fantastic! This Saturday’s a day not to miss out.


Our first exhibit in our new space, Hidden Images, presents abstract artwork rich in various interpretations. Local artists challenge viewers to find unseen symbols, storylines, images, and meanings within their work. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 23rd from 5pm-8pm. The exhibit runs from Monday, April 4, 2011 to Saturday, May 7, 2011.

HYATTSVILLE, MD (04-11-11) -When we moved into our space located within the Lustine Center, many passer-bys thought our gallery had closed. However, things are not always what they seem. Our new space is part of an exciting gallery collaboration where we will host and co-host exhibits alongside of artdc. Our first exhibit, Hidden Images, invites viewers to take a second glance, peel away layers: both optical and metaphorical, and ask the question: What do you really see and why?

In any form of art, each individual has the potential to see something different. Art’s power is in its ability to affect the soul, to summon memory, to promote dialogue, and communicate visually what cannot be described in any other way. Art has the ability to manipulate, to control, and to transform.

Often the desire to see a single concept, a single identifiable subject, a single answer is an initial response to art. With Hidden Images we invite viewers to closely examine each work and find multiple meanings. Works within this exhibit will require and motivate viewers to take a more concentrated and in-depth look at each piece. The artwork is meant to communicate a deeper meaning than what is initially interpreted. Hidden Images contains abstract work with dual-meaning which is illustrated via optical illusion, satire, layering, etc. truly indulging the viewer’s imagination.

Selected works for Hidden Images were juried by Justin Fair, Abigail Hunt, and Erica Riggio.


About Riggio Design
Erica Riggio, founder of Riggio Design, has over a decade of design experience. Ms. Riggio earned her Master’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design from The George Washington University. She also attended MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore and received a certificate in Architectural and Interior Design Studies.

Creating chic, stream-lined, timeless, and comfortable spaces define their aesthetic. Riggio Design is equally dedicated to historical preservation. Their awareness and respect of historic structures are recognized by their efforts to seamlessly and strategically blend the historic with the new. Riggio Design is dedicated to providing good design within everyone’s reach. Their commitment to the environment is strong. Principles of green design are encouraged and incorporated, when possible, in their design plans.

Their most recent venture is a collaborative effort called 5710Creative: a creative design studio. Riggio Design, part of 5710Creative, is located within historic The Lustine Center at 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD. Within 5710Creative, Riggio Design will host exhibits alongside artdc Gallery while providing full Interior Design services from the studio. The 5710Creative space is home to various artists working in several mediums ranging from photography to Interior Design to fine art!

To arrange a viewing by appointment, please call (202) 446-7373.

Erica Riggio


Night of the Living Art Opening Reception tonight, Oct 31 from 5pm to 10pm!

Hope to see you tonight at our Opening Reception!

Halloween Opening Reception- “Night of the Living Art”

Sunday, October 31

5 p.m.-10p.m.

Dress in costume to receive treats and view paranormal pieces taking their inspiration from classic horror films, historical representations of drama and pop cultural phenomena. Bring the family and your friends! Appreciation of the art will be greatly enhanced by the creativity you put into your costuming. Cross over the supernatural border with Design Studio Art Gallery. Where Candy Meets Craftsmanship

Night of the Living Art – Opening Reception Oct 31 from 5pm to 10pm!

Our new exhibit Night of the Living Art, will explore “dark” art. Artists will offer interpretations and explore the “dark” creativity associated with this Halloween. Art will be inspired by various genres and art movements such as gothic, horror, sci-fi, expressionism, metaphysical and folkloric to a name a few.


Design Studio Art Gallery will hold an artists’ opening reception on HALLOWEEN night on Sunday, October 31st from 5-10pm. We encourage young little art lovers and their parents to stop by the gallery in costume, of course, and celebrate this mysterious evening with us! We will have candy available and hope that Design Studio Art Gallery will be the most interesting destination for trick or treating in the Gateway Arts District! This exhibit runs from Friday, October 22, 2010 to Wednesday, November 17, 2010.


HYATTSVILLE, MD (9-01-10) – During this time of the year, the days grow shorter and the nights darker, longer and cooler. There’s an eerie, dark energy associated with Halloween. When we think of Halloween, we often envision darkness, supernatural and mythical monsters, and even death. National customs, works of gothic and horror fiction, such as Frankenstein and Dracula, as well as classic horror films, pop culture and current TV series (most notably Vampire concepts — Go Trueblood), lend to the imagery associated with this holiday even if they are not directly related. Another custom is of course the costumes! During this time of year, it was believed that the border between this world and the underworld became thin, which allowed spirits both good and bad to pass. Harmful spirits were warded off with costumes and masks in belief that they would act as a disguise and protect against harmful spirits. We encourage visitors and artists to come dressed in costume on Halloween for our opening reception to celebrate the “darker half” of the year with Design Studio Art Gallery.

"Feminine Identity" OPENING RECEPTION

Opening Reception for Feminine Identity Exhibition:

The Art of Sharon J. Burton of Gemini Visions Art Studio and Sherry Burton Ways of Sankofa Studio

This exhibit expresses the art of twin sisters Sharon and Sherry as they explore the myths and misperceptions of womanhood, the politics of womanhood, and the celebration of womanhood through this exhibit that begins September 1, 2010 and ends October 31, 2010. These explorations will feature mixed media, assemblage and mixed media art dolls!

This opening reception will feature the smooth sounds of jazz artist Melvin Rogers

Artist Talk featuring Sharon and Sherry
Light Refreshments and fare

Come join us on Thursday, September 16th at 7:00 pm to listen to the smooth sounds of Melvin Rogers and experience the art of twin sisters Sharon J. Burton and Sherry Burton Ways.

Are you coming to this? We are! Visit the Event Page on!/event.php?eid=129384710441689&ref=search

Find out the latest about this new exhibit the Gemini Visions Art Studio Blog:

"Latinic" Opening Reception: Sept. 16 from 6-10pm!

So perhaps you know that the Drop-Off date for Latinic is TODAY from 11am-6pm, did you know the OPENING RECEPTION is next Thursday, September 16, 2010 from 6pm-10pm? Will you be there? Please join us! Please visit our page for the Opening Reception at and let us know if you’ll be there!

For our new exhibit Latinic, we are focusing on cultural identity, issues relating to self identity, and societal views and interpretations of the Hispanic culture and community in the U.S. We are also showcasing artwork that celebrates the essence of the Hispanic culture be it its diversity, the music and dance, interpretations of the strong family tradition, and political history. “Latinic” will be on exhibit at Design Studio Art Gallery from September 12th – October 17th, 2010. To celebrate the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, Design Studio Art Gallery will hold an artists’ opening reception on Thursday, September 16th from 6-10pm.

HYATTSVILLE, MD (9-01-10) – In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and the great diversity of our country, we want to examine issuesspecifically within the Hispanic community. Hispanic is defined as ‘of or relating to Spain or to Spanish-speaking countries (countries colonized by Spain), especially those of Latin America’. Latino is defined as ‘a Latin American inhabitant of the United States’ or ‘people who speak a language that is derived from Latin: Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese’. Both terms are not technically used to describe race; they are used to describe ethnic distinction.
Our new exhibit “Latinic” examines the great diversity of our country. Works of art will reflect on various issues, subjects, and themes within the Hispanic community. What is ultimately the difference between the two terms Hispanic and Latino? Why are people identified as one, but not the other? Is this debate more geographical, cultural, or lingual? Is one term viewed as more positive and/or negative than another? How do you interpret Hispanic culture? How do you celebrate the culture? How does the culture influence the people? How is ‘Hispanic’ culture identified in this country? What does ‘Hispanic’ look like? Works of art will offer answers and various interpretations to the aforementioned questions.

3:1 Opening Reception this Sunday!

With the recent tragedy of the Gulf Oil Disaster, we are once again asked to deal with the aftermath of this horrible situation and are reminded of the other two disasters of this decade. We are consistently faced with frustrating circumstances that, in many cases, could have been prevented. As this decade comes to an end, this exhibit will focus on the major disasters that occurred. “3:1” will be on exhibit at Design Studio Art Gallery from August 14th – September 5th, 2010. Design Studio Art Gallery will hold an artists’ opening reception on Sunday, August 22nd from 3-7pm.

HYATTSVILLE, MD (7-26-10) – Our new exhibit: “3:1” (3 Disasters, 1 Decade) examines the three disasters of the past decade: Hurricane Katrina, the Earthquake in Haiti, and the Gulf Oil Disaster. The three disasters that have occurred in the past decade elicit frustration, sadness, disenchantment, and even anger. The damages resulting from Hurricane Katrina, the Earthquake in Haiti, and the Gulf Oil Disaster could have been mitigated if basic safety precautions had been implemented. When human lives are at stake, why is it so difficult to do the right thing? When it comes to our planet, why do we hesitate and resist change that will result in better environmental situations? Why do we risk lives, our planet, and our dignity by allowing deep pockets to dictate our sense of purpose and justify our course of action? Why is everything so political? This exhibit will examine these issues and reflect various perceptions by multiple artists.

Works of art will reflect environmental devastation, capture the mood of the moment, serve as a constant reminder that we are all human and that the aftermath of these tragedies should have been lessened, and capture the political and social elements that essentially reflect our nature, mold our decisions, and shape our future. A portion of art sales will be donated to charity.


artdc Gallery, 5704 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville MD 20781

New Exhibit: “Drill, Baby Drill”

Focus: Gulf Oil Disaster

Dates: August – September, Opening Reception: August 21, 2010

The gallery is located in Hyattsville’s new Arts District at 5702 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781. To arrange a viewing by appointment, please call (301) 779-4907 or (202) 446-7373.

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