Hungry at 3pm?

According to mashable’s article, Groupon’s Ambitious Way to Change How & When We Eat, late-lunchtime or late-dinner during a long day in the studio could relieve a lot of stress on our mind, tummy, and wallet. Groupon’s coming out with Groupon Now, which is an app that will cater to independent businesses to promote local active deals.

The idea is that if we were hungry, we go to the app, and it will find out where we are and tell us if any nearby restaurants are offering deals during their slow hours (say Erica and I are out on a field measure and almost done and wanna grab a bite to eat at low prices). Nifty! Can’t wait to see how it works in real-time.

Combine this with how works and I’ll be one happy graduate, since there are so many restaurants between UMD, Hyattsville, and Brentwood…where I tend to hang out.


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