Grow: New York New York!

Coming across photos from a visit to New York I am once again amazed. Erica and I went to New York City to visit Demont ‘Peekaso’ Pinder’s artwork at the Soho Apple Store early in January, and on our way leaving the city, we stopped by a little store called ‘Grow’ at 214 W 30th St. Immediately captured by its display of interesting pots, decorative items, and of course plants outside the shop, as well as a nifty font face above the storefront, we wandered inside. And what did we find? An amazing oasis/escape into a design studio and store for Rebecca Cole Design. What do I remember the most from the visit? A wonderful fusion of natural and man-made materials, allowing visitors to recognize how they too can merge nature and city life into their homes: Tall branches, warm accent lighting, the use of brick, and the smell of water (and wonder!). I wish we hadn’t been in such a rush, if you look at Rebecca Cole Design’s website like we did, you’ll see some great examples of green design!

Wish I had taken better photos but we barely made it the bus on time!

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