Twitter’s Usefulness

For a while now, there’s been a growing question on my mind as I work on my new arts blog, Soulstrong Arts @soulstrongarts as to the usefulness of Twitter. Maintaining not only my personal account, but also the Riggio Design account @riggiodc, and now my new Soulstrong Arts account, means a lot of people finding one another and exploring new ideas. How can I effectively contact people and help people find what I’m writing about?

If you’re wondering what Twitter’s purpose is, it’s a quick way for anyone to share a sentence or two about something they’re thinking about or caring about. In 140 characters, it’s a mini-blog = known as ‘microblogging’.

I recently came along a great article on that helps businesses recognize how to use Twitter efficiently to better reach their customers/friends. This article will help me designate how to utilize Twitter without wasting time so that I can improve outreach to art-lovers across and outside of the District. Rather than tell you about the article in depth, visit and feel free to learn: 8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get More Out of Twitter.


My favorite points here are:

1. It’s A Social Tool – Remember, Twitter isn’t just about promoting the business, it’s about talking with people and actively following up. That means finding conversation points and using Twitter to share event info and nifty ideas for self-development and community growth.

3. Engage With Your Followers – That said, recognize that if you’re using Twitter for a business, like I am with @thesoulstrong, find conversation points that relate to your business’s field and as it says in the article, become “followers” of peoples’ lives. There’s nothing better than sharing a story or an idea and having it influence someone’s life miles upon miles away!

4. Autoresponder – It’s easy and commonsense that if people follow you, let them know how to better find your product and thank them for doing so!

8. Twitter Etiquette – It’s quality over quantity. Something I see regularly on Twitter are people with a bagillion followers but if I look, there seems to be no connection or even relevance in their posts. The keywords from this part of the article are: “Listen, be relevant, mind your brand, engage, and give more than you get.” What great advice!

Discuss! And if you care to learn more about how social media can equal social good, $$$, and the growth of ideas and communication, regularly check out (amongst other mashable categories)! 🙂

This blog is also online at and online at Soulstrong Arts Blog.

Article by Justin Fair. Justin is Gallery Business Manager at Riggio Design in Hyattsville, MD and an Administrative Assistant at the Gateway Arts Center in Brentwood, MD. He is a graphic designer and painter at Soulstrong Designs and owner and editor of Soulstrong Arts Blog at Justin can be reached at


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