Call for Artists for Night of the Living Art – A week and a half away!


Design Studio Art Gallery
5702 Baltimore Avenue
Hyattsville, MD, 20781
301-779-4907 o/f
202-446-7373 m

Selection Process:
A jury of 3 individuals will select entries.

Submission Fee:
$15 per entry


During this time of the year, the days grow shorter and the nights darker, longer and cooler. There’s an eerie, dark energy associated with Halloween. When we think of Halloween, we often envision darkness, supernatural and mythical monsters, and even death. National customs, works of gothic and horror fiction, such as Frankenstein and Dracula, as well as classic horror films, pop culture and current TV series (most notably Vampire concepts -Go Trueblood), lend to the imagery associated with this holiday even if they are not directly related. Another custom is of course the costumes! During this time of year, it was believed that the border between this world and the underworld became thin, which allowed spirits both good and bad to pass. Harmful spirits were warded off with costumes and masks in belief that they would act as a disguise and protect against harmful spirits.

We ask artists to give their interpretations and explore the “dark” creativity associated with this holiday. Art can be inspired by various genres and art movements such as gothic, horror, sci-fi, expressionism, metaphysical and folkloric to a name a few.

We encourage you to come dressed in costume on Halloween for our opening reception to celebrate the “darker half” of the year with Design Studio Art Gallery. We will host trick or treating at the gallery during the opening reception and all staff will be in costume!

Submission Requirements:
We ask that artists submit images of 2D or 3D works. Image of art should follow this format: width @ 480 pixels, height @ 378 pixels. If the work does not conform to those sizes, please adjust size closest to that measurement. We want images size-ready so we can easily upload them to our website. Any ideas specifically regarding a special, planned installation must be explained in a minimum of 2 paragraphs along with images of work.

Submit all images to:


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