Call for Interns


Design Studio Art Gallery and Riggio Design Consultants

5702 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781

301-779-4907 o/f  | 202-446-7373 m | |

Design Studio Art Gallery and Riggio Design Consultants, a local art gallery and interior design firm, located in the Hyattsville Arts District is looking for student interns. Interns will explore art curation, marketing and public relations, sales, graphic design, home staging, and interior design.


Interns will have the choice of working primarily in art gallery management, interior design, or (preferably) both.

Interns will research themes for upcoming exhibits by researching history, theory, and the community for fun and intriguing exhibits; establish a firm concept and plan for upcoming exhibits; execute sales for artwork; and maintain the gallery space by attending regular hours of operation while cleaning the space and interacting with visitors. Interns will work on how artwork influences space, how to technically work in a gallery space (by patching, painting, and designing/adjusting lighting in a gallery, and more).

Interns will learn about and interact with neighboring businesses, artists, designers, and community activists; advertise the space for upcoming events; investigate products for interior design projects; research art history and design trends; maintain mailing lists, the company websites, social networking websites; and more.

The ideal intern will be willing to explore maintaining a business through advertising, marketing and managing financial needs, inspiring and nurturing art and community interaction, have good design intuition and have basic computer skills in programs such as Microsoft Office products and Adobe products. We are willing to work with and teach each of these skills! The internship is unpaid, may qualify for school credit, and allows each individual to build relations with professional artists, designers, curators, and collectors in the Washington, DC area. Hours per week are flexible. The ideal intern will be able to work at least six hours each week, perhaps be able to come in a full day on the weekend if possible.

Interested? We hope so! Please send a cover letter and résumé to Erica Riggio at with “Interested in Internship Opportunity” in the subject line.


Design Studio Art Gallery, located in Hyattsville’s new Gateway Arts District, works to promote and support local artists and serves as a vehicle for art awareness and appreciation. Art, in any medium, is paramount to gaining a better understanding of the world in which we share and live. Art keeps us healthy, art retells the past and acts as a teacher, and art captures the emotion, the spirit, and the energy of the moment and essentially of life. With an emphasis on promoting and supporting the arts, Design Studio Art Gallery became the perfect vehicle to deliver the message that the arts are still alive and still essential to social, cultural, and personal advancement. Design Studio Art Gallery has been host to various functions such as book signings, interview backdrops for various actors and musicians, and political soirees to name a few. Exhibits change monthly in an effort to bring variety to the patrons and exposure for the artists. We are proud to curate over a dozen exhibits each year!

Riggio Design Consultants is an Interior Design firm that is part of Design Studio and operates from within the gallery. At Riggio Design Consultants, we believe that good design should be accessible to all. No project is too small or too basic. Good design should be incorporated into every phase of life, functioning as the cornerstone for a good existence. Every space can be transformed to become more functional, more aesthetically appealing, healthier, and invitingly more comfortable. This is the premise of our work. A green conscience guides our designs as well because the canvas on which we create our spaces must be respected. Winston Churchill said it best when he remarked, “We shape our spaces; thereafter they shape us.” These underlying principles and beliefs provide the conceptual framework that guides our firm and our designs.


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